Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape


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fire sunset


The flames leap up,

their chaotic dance mesmerizes.

As warmth permeates,

quixotic thoughts envelop me,

pushing frigid reality away.


A word from you is much the same;

comforting warm perfection.

Every sadness melts away

till all that’s left is bliss.


Yet the flame is always close behind,

dancing, darting, ever elusive,

cruel as it playfully teases.

Inexorably drawn to the flickering flame,

resistance is all but futile.


I lose control and reach too far;

the pain begins anew.

Searing and burning through my soul

igniting caches of torment;

Oh so plentiful is the fuel!


Yet,  if I  get burned

a thousand times,

I still come back for more.

For one enraptured moment of warmth,

the pain I shall endure.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops

Last Thing my Camera Saw

This shot was the last thing my camera saw before it died.

I had already fallen once before this shot and twisted my leg. I had stepped in a hole someone had left in the sand, and fell flat on my face, camera equipment flew everywhere. Thankfully my face and camera bag landed in the soft sand, so the only damage (besides being terribly embarrassed) was a twisted knee, and a lot of sand in my face and oxygen cannula. I was still determined to go get some shots, so I hauled my injured self down to the water near the pier and started shooting.

It was a calm day, without much wave action. I was still distracted by my aching knee, so I got a little careless with my tripod. I didn’t have my hand on the camera strap, which is always my safety when shooting near the waves. Sure enough, a wave came in and undermined the tripod. I threw by body at the tripod hoping to save the camera, but all I got was another face full of sand, wet this time, and a soaked camera. Everything was soaked with sea water.

Neither the camera nor the lens could be salvaged. Both were expensive, and they weren’t insured. It was a costly lesson and a huge oops!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy


My Chihuahua, Mo,  spies something with his little eye during this Christmas Photoshoot






nook kiss

It’s his big Brother Nook,  coming in to give him a huge wet kiss.  😘

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Take it…To The limit

Rearview Mirror

In The Rearview Mirror

Take it to the limit –


We have a cabin in the mountains, and every time I leave it, I wonder if it will be the last time I see it.  It sits at 8,500 feet in the Eastern Sierras.  Rushing streams and snowy mountain peaks are right out the backdoor.  It’s my “happy place” and my lungs are threatening to take it away from me.  My lungs struggle to find oxygen at altitude, even with my oxygen concentrator cranked nearly to the max.  I can no longer hike, and even strolling along the backyard creek is difficult. Climbing the stairs in the cabin requires a rest half way up, as the 8L of oxygen blasts into my lungs trying to find a way to my blood stream. My heart is pounding, I’m dizzy, but I still  I don’t want to face the reality of it.

I enjoyed every minute of my Thanksgiving visit but  felt a sadness tug at my heartstrings as we descended into the valley on our way back to the lowlands.  As we were driving,   I looked in the review mirror, saw the mountains lit up, and quickly snapped the picture above. Almost simultaneously the Eagles came on the satellite radio and I smiled.   It has always been one of my favorite songs, and it reminded me to keep pushing forward.

So that’s what I focus on. I have to remind myself to enjoy now, not to focus on my increasing limitations and dreading the future.   Until the inevitable day comes, I’ll keep taking it to the limit…just one more time, one day at a time.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

Below Sabrina

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

The stacks at Morro Bay, shot at blue hour.  I’ve always like the contrast between the soft blowing grasses and the smokestacks in this one.



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