fire sunset


The flames leap up,

their chaotic dance mesmerizes.

As warmth permeates,

quixotic thoughts envelop me,

pushing frigid reality away.


A word from you is much the same;

comforting warm perfection.

Every sadness melts away

till all that’s left is bliss.


Yet the flame is always close behind,

dancing, darting, ever elusive,

cruel as it playfully teases.

Inexorably drawn to the flickering flame,

resistance is all but futile.


I lose control and reach too far;

the pain begins anew.

Searing and burning through my soul

igniting caches of torment;

Oh so plentiful is the fuel!


Yet,  if I  get burned

a thousand times,

I still come back for more.

For one enraptured moment of warmth,

the pain I shall endure.

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