I’m Back…maybe….

Had a long break.  More health problems, new strange and incurable diagnoses, but I’m thankful they are manageable.  Found out I do not have garden variety neuropathy and sciatica, as I had thought for years, but a horrible new immune problem called CIDP….or  Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating  Polyneuropathy  more about it here.  This means that my ever over vigilant immune system started attacking the myelin sheathes around my nerves, mostly in my extremities.  I learned of this new ailment  one morning when I tried to get out of bed and my legs refused to work….I couldn’t walk.  Steroids for my lung disease had  been keeping it somewhat in-check. The added plasmapheresis and IVIG treatments have me  pretty much back to just the numbness it all started with.  My legs are getting stronger, but my balance is still horrible.  It turns out you need to feel your feet to have good balance.   Doesn’t keep me from trying, although my rock hopping days are sadly over. 😦

Emotionally and physically  I just haven’t been well, so I thought it was best to stay off here.  I’m back again.  Mostly to add photos and write a few things when the mood strikes, although it’s obvious I’m more talented with photography than writing.  I’ve always written mostly for myself, so I don’t think it’s always relatable.

A short aside here.  I was so saddened to hear of the terror attacks in France today.  I hate thinking of all the families and people in pain tonight.  They are in my thoughts.   People can be so cruel.  Please show someone some kindness tonight.  The world needs it.

Here is a picture of my dog.   Just an iPhone shot, but I can’t think of anything more peaceful and loving at the moment, and he is a French Great Pyrenees.IMG_3484

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