I’m fine

“I’m fine”, I say, a reflex answer
But really I am! After all, it’s not cancer

I battle my own body every day
Waging a war in which I have little say

Fight it I must, but let no one see
how it’s ravaged and wounded the pacifist me

Pills, needles, tubes, and bottled breath,
unimpressive weapons for fighting death

But there’s something more powerful, you cannot see
Buried deep inside, the very heart of me

It’s small, unassuming, it gives me hope
It pushes back the attackers, it helps me cope

Effectively blocking, the pressing pain
Distracting just enough to fool my brain

So I’ll fight on alone, as many battles must be
Covering my pain, so you won’t see;

The struggle for breath, pain that won’t go away
I’ll use smoke and mirrors to make things okay

You see, it’s this illusion that keeps me strong
Please don’t ask questions or tell me I’m wrong

So, the next time you ask, “How are you?”
I’ll answer “I’m fine, and hope you are too!”

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