Rooting for the Hermit

The soul so warm and wanting to play
shackled and chained, locked safely away.
Wounded and scarred, it cannot heal.
Pain and scars she tries hard to conceal.

The sweet hermit lives within a cave,
darkness the master, she’s the slave.
Hope breaches the fortress, rays so bright
only to blind the photophobic troglodyte.

She moves a step closer, taking a chance,
time has come to perhaps take a stance?
Alas, the emotions and pain drive her back
The will is not there, it is courage she lacks.

Trepidation, old patterns, have once again won
thwarting her movement out to the sun.
Every step towards it, a painful plight.
She returns to the darkness, retreats from the light.

Seeking only numbness from pain so intense,
the still raw emotions hold consequence.
Yet to feel them boldly is far more brave
than staying numb and hidden, deep in the cave.

My one wish for her is that someday soon,
she’ll take that bold step, breaking free from the gloom.
Her heart whole again, releasing the doves,
So she may live on feeling only peace and love.

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