New Telephoto Lens

It’s always exciting to get a new lens, and I’ve been in a bit of a funk after battling this latest respiratory infection for so long. I start going a bit stir crazy if I can’t get out of the house, and I tend to end up spending money! Retail therapy to the rescue! …A temporary, but effective mood enhancer. 😉

The new lens is a Sigma 150-500mm . I needed something with a little more reach for wildlife, but most zooms with that range are cost prohibitive for me. I found this one, and while still not cheap (for me) was almost 10x less than a similar Nikon lens. Here are a few shots from my yard. The lens does a good job, especially with plenty of light. In shadows it is a bit tougher to get a shot and you have to boost the iso quite a bit. This isn’t too much of a problem with the newer fx cameras.

Click on the photos to view larger.

Swallowtail feeding from Agapanthus

Female Anna’s Hummingbird
Hummer feeder wings up

Hummer mid air

Black Phoebe
Phoebe on fence

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2 Responses to New Telephoto Lens

  1. neihtn2012 says:

    Great photos! Lens must be good. Thanks for sharing.

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