My pack

I told you from the beginning I love dogs. I really didn’t mean to end up with six. I thought three would be my limit, but then we rescued two, and adopted one pup who needed a home. I had fostered a runaway Great Pyrenees for a few weeks while we looked for her family. I fell in love with the breed and was amazed how she was so gentle with all my little ones. When we heard there was a pup somebody wanted to give us, well, it was hard to resist, and we needed a big dog to protect all the little ones, right? 😉 So, yes, apparently I’ve become a dog hoarder.

I purposely stay away from shelters because I know myself. I cannot stand to see any dog abandoned, and would come home with the whole shelter if I set foot in one. So shelters are off limits for me now, but dogs still seem to find me. We have so many abandoned dogs on the street in our area. It’s so hard to take them to the shelter, especially chihuahuas. There is a huge excess of chihuahuas in our area, and the shelter is over-run with them. I’m assuming they are cast offs from overzealous breeders. Dogs are not property, they are family, and I don’t believe people should ever get a dog unless they intend for it to be a member of their family – FOREVER.

Luckily, we have a big property for them to happily run around on. All five of the little ones sleep with us, and The Pyrenees guards the door at night. He wouldn’t have it any other way. Every day is an adventure with all those knuckleheads.

The Pyrenees is also acting as a service dog for me ; an unofficial service dog, because he was not professionally trained. He carries my oxygen and camera equipment for me when I have to walk any distance for photo shoots. He seems to enjoy having a job. He’s also good for me to lean on when I need to steady myself. After years suffering from vertigo,a nasty ear infection, and chronically low oxygen levels, it seems my balance has left me. Nook, my Pyrenees, just naturally leans against me to steady me while I’m standing, or he will let me brace myself on him when getting up from a sitting position. With no balance, and RA causing my knee joints to be worthless, it’s nice knowing he is there to literally lean on.

They all give me so much joy and companionship, I really don’t know what I’d do without them. So, in order of seniority here is…

Pismo (Mo), my oldest and first chihuahua

Roo, a Chihuahua Doxie mix (cheweenie)

Tigger – rescued from the mean streets after being abandoned (all one pound of her at the time…now she’s a whopping three pounds)

Otter- Coworker was going to take the pup to the pound…was too soft hearted and brought him home. He is a Dorky (Doxie, Yorky mix)

Enzo, abandoned and found hanging out in our front yard. (I think the word was out that we are the crazy dog people)

And Nanuq (Nook), my Pyrenees

Here is a picture of Nook at work, carrying my oxygen.

I don’t know what I’d do without my pups. They are my heart and my life.

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3 Responses to My pack

  1. Nicole Davis says:
    I nominated you for the liebster award! Please click my post for more information.

    • 6puppers says:

      Thank you very much for nominating me! I just don’t think I want to participate at this time….it looks like a lot of work, and I’m not doing too well right now physically, so having trouble writing (concentrating). I’d be happy to put a link to your blog saying you were nominated. Is that okay, or against the rules? (I’m very new to this ) I know I should probably participate if I want more traffic, but it doesn’t matter too much to me to have tons of followers. It’s mostly just for me, and if anyone else finds it interesting or helpful that’s great. Thank you again for thinking of me. – Best Wishes to you, and good luck!

      • Nicole Davis says:

        I have no idea if it’s against the rules or not. I’m fairly new as well. I am sorry you are struggling. I hope the days ahead find you improving and doing better! I’ll keep an eye on your blog and stay in touch!

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