Swimming with Insomniacs

The water envelopes me,
filling my senses,
muffling the world around me
till I hear only my own heartbeat.

The stillness inhaled
into the troubled lungs,
quieting them,
soothing them into compliance
as the cool palliating air rushes in.

Eyes focused on the sky,
I’m pining for the moon;
the stars splashed
across midnight’s dark canvas
reflected just beneath the rippled surface,
like fireflies in an absurd underwater ballet.

The night whispers her secrets.
A soft lullaby,
a poignant melody;
both sweet and sad
is the night’s hush.

Floating in weightless, wet silence,
damping out the cries
of the chaotic parched mind.
The water quiets me;
a baptism of peace
on this full mooned night.

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