Either Way : My long relationship with Guster songs

Into the veins,

Enters the medicine
Stinging, upheaving
complacence gone.
The cycle begins again.

Bleeding with apathy,

In this maze I’m too far down.
Discarded by confidants,
Gasping, I see I’m all alone,
trying so hard not to drown.

I reach, you slip away,

Dark water covers me.
I’m right here in front of you,
please take me by the hand?
Just trying so very hard to be

What makes you comfortable?

Can I joke away your fear?
But into the veins
Enters the medicine,
everyone leaves whom I hold dear.

I feel them slip away.

Can’t stop catch my breath and wallow,
In pain and misery;
got to gag it down and smile
such a bitter pill to swallow.

Such a bitter pill.



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