Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Tahoe reflections

As a PF and RA patient,  it’s often challenging for me to get out there to shoot photos, but it is my motivation to keep going.  I find I can walk a lot farther than I think I can if there is the promise of a beautiful vista or photo op at the end of the trail.  I strap on my oxygen and go.  I lose myself in thought,  and the shortness of breath and pain in my joints are no longer in the forefront of my mind.   It’s better than any treadmill or pulmonary rehab program out there.  It’s my physical therapy and my antidepressant.

I’ve become quite addicted to shooting landscapes. There is also an added bonus of when I can’t get out there to shoot,  and I’m  stuck in bed or in the hospital,   I  can go back to photo back to process it.   I can relive the moment, and see it all over again through my mind’s eye.  I get lost in the processing.  It  puts me right back on that beach or mountain and takes me away from my physical ailments and anxieties…. a little bit of peace in a camera.

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